Black Friday is Expensive

03 Dec - av Erik Otterberg

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days every year. It is hard to miss the thousands of offers you get as a consumer. Many consumers are looking for bargains and trying to “save money” by shopping during this day. That means that you as ...

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Facebook Starts Using First-Party-Cookies

09 Oct - av Erik Otterberg

So, what does this mean for advertisers and us who work with advertising on Facebook? From a technical point of view, this means that Facebook saves an id for each user in a cookie with your domain as sender (first-party-cookie). Previously Facebo...

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How to get started with Conversion Optimization

02 Oct - av Linda Törnros

Most of you may agree that conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization (CRO) should be a matter for anyone who works with an e-commerce or website, but many may not know how to get started. Set goals and strategy The first step to get...

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