Erik Otterberg
3 December, 2018
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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days every year. It is hard to miss the thousands of offers you get as a consumer. Many consumers are looking for bargains and trying to “save money” by shopping during this day. That means that you as an advertiser have lots to gain by being seen on Black Friday.

But, when advertisers lower the prices of their products, the cost of media increases. All platforms where the cost is decided by the bids in an auction, like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and programmatic platforms, will be affected by the competition from other advertisers. Looking at all our campaigns on all these platforms, we saw an increase in the cost per impression by almost 50%, compared to an average over the rest of the month. Almost all platforms had their peak in price during Black Friday. LinkedIn is breaking the trend and is the only platform with a price close to its average for the month. 

With these numbers in mind, you should think through if you have an offer that is attractive enough to motivate the higher cost to reach your audience during this day. If you sell a service or product that you don’t discount, you might want to decrease your media spend on Black Friday. 


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