Erik Otterberg
9 October, 2018
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So, what does this mean for advertisers and us who work with advertising on Facebook?

From a technical point of view, this means that Facebook saves an id for each user in a cookie with your domain as sender (first-party-cookie). Previously Facebooks domain was the sender, so called third-party-cookie.

The reason for this change is that browsers a limiting sites to set third-party-cookies more and more. Safari, Apples browser, have been limiting this for a while already, and Mozilla Firefox have said they will shortly. The new legislation from the EU, GDPR, is also putting pressure on Google and Microsoft to follow the others and do something similar in their browsers. 

For the advertisers, this change is good. It means that the data and analytics Facebook shows will be more accurate, since data from Safari users will be measured more correctly. 

Many big players in advertising, like Google and Microsoft, have already changed to first-party-cookies in their advertising platforms. 

As an advertiser working with Facebook ads and their pixel, you don’t need to do anything. The change will automatically happen on the 24th of October. 


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