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20 May, 2020
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Last week, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a live session about Facebook’s biggest investment ever into e-commerce - Facebook Shops!

The new venture means that small businesses will be able to set up an e-shop directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Zuckerberg also revealed that, very soon,  it will be possible for small businesses to sell their products via Facebook Shops directly in WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct and to tag products in live broadcasts.

Facebook believes that this is an important step in rebuilding the economy after Covid-19 hit many small businesses hard. At the moment, many small shops are really struggling with their physical stores and with the help of Shops they can easily make the leap from physical store to online sales, something which has increased steadily during the pandemic.

At the same time, this is also an important part of the bigger picture for Facebook itself, as small companies account for the largest proportion of the companies that advertise via its channels and so make up their largest source of income.


So how will Facebook Shops aka ‘Shops’, work?

The idea behind the concept was to let small businesses sell products directly through all channels / apps that are part of the Facebook family.

Companies will be able to set up a store linked to their page / account and easily control which products are to be displayed through different catalogues. Visitors will then be able to view, save, share and finally buy products directly. Shops will be very easy to customize and so companies can choose colours, looks and more.  Watch this video to see what Shops will look like here.

Facebook has teamed up with some of the largest e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and others to make it easier for companies to connect their products from the existing e-commerce channels to Shops.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook Shops will also be based on AI, where you will be able to show relevant products to the right target group. In the future, visitors to Shops will also be able to use Augmented Reality to try on sunglasses or makeup for example.

Just like in a physical shop where you can ask an assistant for help, you will be able to chat directly with the customer service team if you have questions, want to track deliveries or get any other kind of support. In the future, it is also expected that you will be able to make a purchase directly via the chat function, for example, in Facebook Messenger.

Although it is free to set up a Facebook Shop, it should be noted that, in the future, Facebook plans to charge a fee for each transaction. They haven’t yet confirmed this nor what percentage it will be, but this will no doubt become clear in the future.

So far, Facebook has only made Shops available for those who have used Instagram Shopping before and those who have received a specific email or notification about it from Facebook directly . We don’t have any more information about this at the moment but it will be interesting to follow Facebook Shops  as it develops!

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