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14 February, 2020
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The year might have only just started, but Facebook has already rolled out a number of updates. In this blog post, we will list the updates that we think are particularly important to keep track of both when it comes to organic content and paid advertising  via Facebook.

Page management history

The first tip is about Page Management History. Want to know who at the company responded to a particular customer? Or do you want to know which colleague posted the latest post? You can now do both of these things. Facebook has created a completely new function where you can see all the actions that have happened on your Facebook page. Perfect for companies that have several people managing the same page or account!

You will find the new function on your Facebook page under "settings" and then at the bottom of the menu on the left:

Multiple text optimization

Facebook has now released its version of Google Ads responsive advertising feature. The new feature is an upgrade of Facebook's A / B testing tool for Ads Manager.

This makes it easier for advertisers to test and optimize different types of copy, headings and product descriptions etc.

Using this feature, you can save time finding the copy that works best for different ads. It also facilitates optimization in that Facebook's algorithms will optimize according to the combination that performs best according to your previously set goal.

Currently, you can use the feature if you have traffic, app installation or conversion as a campaign objective and only on ‘single image ads or video ads’ - not carousel ads or other types. You can have up to five different variations of advertising text, 5 different headings and 5 different link descriptions, which are then displayed in different combinations to find the option that performs best.


Limited number of adverts

Facebook recently announced that it plans to limit the number of ads that a page (company) on Facebook can have.

So far, we’ve haven’t got any information about their latest decision.

However, Facebook has stated that this will only affect "a few advertisers" so our guess is that it will only apply to really large companies that have several hundred ads running at the same time.

So why is Facebook making this change? Doesn't it make money from advertisers running so many ads at once? According to Facebook it’s because too many ads can ‘impair an ad's performance’.

They also mean that the more ads you have running at the same time (this applies to a large number of ads- around 100), the longer it takes for the ads to leave ‘the learning phase’. Companies then spend more budget before Facebook's algorithms have had time to optimize the ad.


So, there you have it  - a selection of Facebook's new updates for 2020 that we think you should think about.

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