Malina Björkstedt
19 December, 2019

One of the top success factors in digital advertising is your ad copy. It should clearly convey what your ad is about, maintain the tone of the brand and encourage an interaction with an explicit CTA (Call to Action). What you should convey and what type of interaction you should encourage however, depends on where in the buying or marketing funnel your target group is. Here you can learn what to think about before your next campaign!

When we set an advertising strategy or new campaigns for our customers, we always start from the SEE / THINK / DO / CARE model. It is based on the AIDA (Attention / Interest / Desire / Action) model but Google has rebranded it to suit the digital world. The different steps in this funnel can also be matched to different channels. Social media can be used in all stages depending on how you set up your campaign. For example, Google Ads / SEM is largely part of the DO phase, while Programmatic advertising can be part of the SEE or CARE phases.

Regardless of the channel, there are examples of best practice for how to write the best copy at each step:


SEE - Brand Visibility - Reach new potential customers - Campaign optimisation, reach, visibility

THINK - Show products and services - Inform potential customers - Engagement, Clicks

DO - Closing the deal- Convince the customer - Campaign optimisation - Conversion (sale/lead etc)


Build customer loyalty - Customer care - Campaign optimisation, visibility, engagement



Campaign goal: Create recognition and awareness of the brand / product

Message: This is us and this is our product!

Examples of copy: Trigger - specialists in digital marketing

Example of CTA: Read more!

Elements you can include: Brand promise, slogan, short description of the service and the benefits

Don’t forget: Think short and concise. The target audience in the SEE phase probably doesn’t know your brand and will therefore be less interested in your communication in general. Therefore, you should focus on the most important thing that you want to reach the target group.


Campaign goals: Increase interest in your products and brand message: We have these benefits and USPs

Example of copy: Trigger works in a completely transparent way! Own your own data and gain insight into your campaigns.

Example of CTA: Read more!

Elements you can include: USPs and benefits

Don’t forget: At this stage, you want to highlight what can attract customers. Different customer groups may be interested in your products’ different USPs , so think about that when tailoring your copy to the target audience. It’s a good idea to go even one step further than just listing your USPs and focus on what benefits they mean for your customers, e.g. "Own your own data" instead of "we work on your platforms".



Campaign goal: Convince and convert

Message: Remember this USP and convert now!

Example copy: Optimize your digital campaigns today - contact Trigger!

Example of CTA: Contact us!

Elements you can include: Short USP and clear CTA

Don’t forget: Here you should convince the target group to become your customer or do something else you want them to do. This can be done via one of your offers for example or by creating a sense of urgency. The target audience probably knows your brand so you only need to mention a short USP as a reminder. The focus of a DO ad is on your CTA.



Campaign goal: Stay at the forefront of people’s minds and build loyalty

Message: This is us and our products!

Example of copy: Trigger is your partner for digital marketing!

Example of CTA: Read more!

Elements you can include: News, slogan, brand promise

Don’t forget: In the CARE phase, you talk to a target group that you have a close relationship with, either because they have interacted with your content, bought your products or something else. In this situation, you want to create a dialogue with the target group, by asking them for a review for example. Think about the type of content they might be interested in, such as new products or other news. It may also be helpful to remind them of your brand promise.

Do you have thoughts about your ad copy or how to build your campaign strategy?

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