Erik Otterberg
16 January, 2020
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There is a struggle online between integrity and smart target group management online. It seems that it is difficult to get both - because smart target group management via data requires that users are identified and that their digital tracks are saved and analyzed. This can of course be an infringement of the user's privacy. So, what's going on and which side will come out on top?

Google's Chrome browser currently reigns supreme with 64% of the market share globally and 52% in Sweden. In August 2019, they announced that they were launching an initiative called Privacy Sandbox. The purpose is to limit the use of user data so that it doesn’t violate the user's consent and integrity. However, they don’t want to limit the opportunities for publishers to make money by displaying customized ads.

Google is inviting the industry to join this open initiative in order to create standards that everyone can follow. They recently published a post which they say got a good response and gave them many suggestions for the new initiative and that it will mean ‘making 3rd-party cookies redundant’. However, it represents a slap in the face for Apple, whose latest version of its privacy initiative, ITP2.3, limits the ability to use cookies properly. Google believes that this could impair users’ experience and publishers' ability to make money, which they see as a threat to a free internet.

So what does this mean for advertisers?

  • Safari is increasingly limiting the possibilities for remarketing and other similar ways to reach users. These campaigns will therefore be less common in the future.
  • For the same reason, it will be more difficult to attribute purchases etc to sites which work with cookies, most of which do.
  • Google is moving the discussion forward and has a very dominant position with the Chrome browser. It can therefore be assumed that they will continue to favour their own tools and channels so that they can offer richer targeting compared to other web browsers.

I personally think it’s good that this issue is being discussed from every angle. The way in which users' data is handled online has been unsustainable for a long time now . My hope is that the focus to some extent shifts back to context and quality adverts. Something that has been neglected, and which has in many ways ruined the user experience on many sites.

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