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24 April, 2020
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There are many companies that advertise on Youtube and more and more are starting to invest in getting a well-functioning Youtube channel where even organic videos can help with marketing. Getting the organic videos to work well requires hard work, but in order to build a good audience,  it’s necessary to understand how Youtube's algorithm and SEO work.


SEO on Youtube

Generally speaking…

There are many things which can affect SEO. Two of the most basic, which many people forget are:

- A consistent and clear identity (channel logo, artwork, etc)

- A good ABOUT section which is relevant, complete and informative.

Also, when uploading videos, you should always include relevant keywords in the metadata (ie in video titles; tags; descriptions; subtitles and captions). When writing metadata, you should make it a habit to follow the mantra "write for humans, not machines". Use it to explain the video’s subject and overall theme, but don’t forget to use the actual words that people will use to search for things within this theme/ topic.


On the video’s description

You can also influence SEO by what you write in the video's ‘“description”. Here you should try to adhere to the following ‘rules’ :

  • Write at least 250 words
  • Write the search word that you think will lead to the most traffic and include it in the first 25 key words
  • Write the word 2-3 times in the description. Try to not write the word too many times otherwise you run the risk of the video being blacklisted.
  • Write related keywords in your content
  • Explain what the video is about
  • Focus on including the most important information at the start of the description.
  • Include links and metadata ‘below the fold’, ie in the section that you will see when someone clicks on  “Show More”


Smart tips

In addition to the tips above, you can influence SEO in a few more ways. They might not be as important as what we’ve already mentioned, but they are still something that you should invest in. The reason is that your competitors probably do the same and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must be at least as good as your competitors.

  • Delete Youtube’s automatic captions and insert your own instead. Feel free to include the keywords 2-3 times in them.
  • If a video retains the viewer’s interest and keeps them watching, Youtube gives it a higher SEO ranking. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a playlist with your videos within the same theme so that the viewer has more reasons to stick around.
  • Try to answer any questions the viewer might have in the title. An example could be "how to make your Youtube account grow even when it is completely new".
  • The higher the engagement a new video gets, the better its ranking. It’s often the case after the video is first posted that the first seven days are the most important. Engagement means comments, likes, shares etc


Youtube’s algorithm

In order to be successful on Youtube, it’s not just a case of having good SEO, you need to understand how the algorithm works. The more you know, the better you can use it to your advantage. Of course, Google is highly secretive about the structure and function of its algorithm, and you should keep in mind that it constantly changes. However, Google has given us a helping hand and told us that the algorithm favours the following:

  • Other videos from the same channel
  • Popular videos , which are measure by the level of engagement, time spent on each video and amount of views
  • Videos that the user might like based on Google's data about the user's Youtube behavior
  • Videos that have related or similar metadata (ie video titles; tags; descriptions; subtitles, captions)


By now you've probably realized that the only one of these things that you can really control is metadata. However, you can still use the other factors if you are clever and resourceful. For example, if you see that one of your competitor’s videos is popular, you could create your own video on that same theme. Find out what metadata they’ve used, and with good SEO and steady commitment from your followers, the algorithm will start to notice you. It could then start recommending that viewers of your competitor's video watch your video next.

In conclusion, it’s a fact that the longer a video is, the more YouTube's algorithms like it. There is of course no specific minimum time, but on average, a video lasting ten minutes or more usually gets the best results.


Now you have all this information, you can start polishing your Youtube videos and your channel and be the next Youtube success story. Good luck!

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