SHH is a real estate developer that builds and sells reasonably priced and well planned homes throughout all of Sweden. SHH make the most of every square meter and never make short cuts on their high quality and environment standards. Since the start in 2010 they have produced over 1 000 homes in Sweden.

"We have become more digitally active and found effective communication channels with Trigger Company."

Ida Amatiello, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at SHH Bostad



During the spring of 2018 the real estate market had become tougher than before, because of stricter mortgage regulations. When the competition for buyers of new built homes got tougher, SHH realized that they needed new tools to reach potential buyers. With a small marketing department to handle all marketing for a large number of projects, they had little time to start doing new initiatives.



Trigger started working on locally targeted ads on Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads and remarketing via programmatic advertising. Trigger also tailor the creatives and copy to get a streamlined and cost efficient process. SHH measure the results in number of lead registrations and cost per each. Each channel contributes to the results and SHH see lower cost per lead and good quality of the leads coming in.