Get an insight into how your visitors perceive your website and are guided in their actions.

We analyze your customer data in Google analytics based on the LITF model and generate heatmaps and customer feedback in Hotjar to understand the use of your site and to get ideas about what can increase your conversion. If you do not already have the tools in place, we will help you with the installation and ensure that settings and tracking provide accurate data.



We develop hypotheses and ideas on what can increase your conversion

We start with what has the greatest potential for increase. The tests we agreed to run are set up in Google Optimize. If you don't have enough volumes we can always implement the changes from Optimize and then follow the results direcly as if it was developed. The variants are previewed by you before publishing.


Start optimize your website with what we know increases your conversion.

The tests are ongoing for a few weeks to ensure statistical significance. Test results are analyzed and presented. You then get a list of actions to start implement from. If an action requires a lot of development, you can implement the change from Optimize until you have it in place.

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