What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is when digital advertising is bought through a technical platform, and not through a manual deal with a sales person. As an advertiser you manage your campaigns in an interface called Demand Side Platform, where the campaign settings is put in. The DSP is connected with basically all websites and ad networks and can by ads there in real time. The sales side tool is called Supply Side Platform.

Why use Programmatic Advertising?

As an advertiser you get full control over your campaign. You control the budget, can start and stop the campaign at any time, change creatives as often as you wish, etc. Statistics and insights are also near real time and you can therefor optimize the settings of your campaign. Correctly used, these platforms are a great way to achieve better results from your display advertising campaigns. 

How do we do?

We will always look at your challenges and cooperate in the way it suits you. We have contract with most of the large Demand Side Platforms, like AppNexus, Google Display & Video 360, BidTheatre and Sizmek. Depending on you goals we choose the platform that suits these goals best. We are always fully transparent with the cost of technology and media and will never put markup on it. 

If you have a contract with a platform, we can work in that so that you own all campaign data. We can also help you set up your own platform. 

Are you looking to move Programmatic Advertising in-house? We can help you drive the process, from negotiation with vendors, training, implementation and recruiting.